INK-Autorin Ilsa J. Bick im Interview zu “Ashes – Ruhelose Seelen”

Interview Ilsa J. Bick zu Ashes – Ruhelose Seelen

Liebe Nächtedurchleser und Ashes-Fans,

bald ist es soweit und Ashes – Ruhelose Seelen, der dritte Band der atemberaubenden Reihe von Ilsa J. Bick, erscheint (ET: 09. August 2013).
Um euch die Wartezeit zu versüßen gibt es hier ein kurzes Interview mit der Autorin … viel Spaß damit!

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Und Achtung, wenn ihr die ersten beiden Bände von Ashes  noch nicht gelesen haben solltet: Kleine Spoilergefahr!


Der vierte Band  Ashes – Pechschwarzer Mond erscheint übrigens am 12. September!


Dear Ilsa, the release of Ashes – Ruhelose Seelen  is only a couple of days ahead and your German fans are very eager to read on about Alex, Tom and all the others. Do you think your readers will be happy with the series’ finale?
Well, that’s a loaded question, isn’t it?  On one hand, I certainly hope so.  Anyone who’s read my work understands that none of my stories end tidily or even nicely.  I almost never wrap things up with a pretty bow, and I groove on ambiguity. But I think that what happens in MONSTERS all ties together and makes sense, so there’s closure . . . of a sort.

Conversely, I want people to feel the same way I did when I wrote those final lines: satisfied but also sad to say good-bye, a little torn up, crying my eyes out, a little devastated, and my mind full of questions about what might happen next.

At the end of the day?  Honestly, I hope readers weep buckets.  I hope they use scads of Kleenex.  If their hearts get ripped to shreds . . . that’s fine, too.  Mine did.

How long have you been writing on your  Ashes-Series altogether? What was your most special moment when writing it or when reading the first reviews?
Hmmm . . . about four years all told, I guess, from my first ideas of what I wanted to do on through the publication of the final volume.  That’s a long time to live with characters all yammering away at you, day and night.  (And especially night: my poor husband always knew when I’d hit a particularly emotional or tough part of a book because I’d lean over him at 2 a.m. and ask, “Are you awake?”  Cats do that all the time, too, only they’re much more polite.  They only stand on your chest and stare.)

I’d be hard-pressed to pick one particularly amazing moment.  There have been so many: the phone call from my agent about the sale; the day I held the physical book in my hands; that afternoon I wandered into a store and saw ASHES on the shelf; that time a bookseller told me she was having a hard time keeping the book in stock because it was selling so well; the absolutely lovely gift a bunch of high school kids presented to me as a thank-you for my visit; the first emails from fans (keep ‘em coming!); that day I discovered I had fans in Germany and Turkey and Spain, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Hungary, New Zealand, India . . .; the afternoon I answered my door and a sweet kid from down the street wanted to know if I would sell her a book because her friends had read it and raved (I gave it to her)—and the list goes on.

But I guess the most memorable moments—as a writer I’m saying now—came when I realized that the characters were calling the shots, not me.  When words started jumping out of their mouths, and they refused to go where I thought they should but went their own way in their time, thank you very much.  When Tom came out with something that just floored me, and I realized that he must absolutely have the last word in SHADOWS.  When Wolf revealed a side I’d never seen.  When Ellie found courage.  When Alex let herself go.

It was all so good.  I already miss these guys.

What are you currently working on?
I just went through the first-round copy-edits for Book I of my new Dark Passages Series, WHITE SPACE, and am now in the beginning throes—really, think hand to hand combat—of the sequel, THE DICKENS MIRROR.  If you want a general idea what the books are about . . . think The Matrix meetsInkheart and Inception, and that will give you a clue.  They’re basically YA horror/psychological thrillers with a dash of sci-fi and, in the case of DICKENS MIRROR, historical fiction.  I know; I’m hard to nail down.

Just as soon as I’m done with DM, I’ll go back to a new standalone I’m about halfway through and then revisit the first book in another projected series that I’ve also got about half-written.  (So much to do, only so many hours in the day I can spend at a computer before my brain turns to oatmeal.)  By the time I’m all done with those, I’m sure I’ll have thought of something else to write.  If I haven’t, I’m in trouble.  My husband might make me go back to work.

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